The Virtuous Woman Bridal Bus Tour

Sunday, April 8th, 2018 - 9am - 4pm 

get on the bus already!!!!

What to expect from The Virtuous Woman Bridal Tour. This list is in order of importance:

  1. Grab a Mimosa (cause that's important)
  2. Enjoy Swag Bags valued over $100.00
  3. Listen to Dynamic Speakers
  4. Grab a Mimosa (cause that's important)
  5. Stop by a Bridal Boutique and view fabulous gowns. Speak with a consultant. Maybe try on a gown or two. Mingle!
  6. Get back on the bus
  7. Grab a Mimosa (cause that's important)
  8. Play some games on the bus as you travel to the next destination.
  9. Stop by an Event Rental Company and view beautiful sample linens and fabrics. Speak with a consultant about your wedding decor. Get linen ideas for your sweetheart table or cake table. Check out the varies table settings.
  10. Get back on the bus
  11. Grab a Mimosa (cause that's important)
  12. Try to listen to another Dynamic Speaker while stirring your Mimosa with your index finger.
  13. Stop by a Cake Bakery and sample over 20 flavors of wedding cake. ( I said "sample".) Speak slowly to the baker about your wedding cake ideas and how you saw on a Tyler Perry movie where the Doves came flying out the cake and.........ok it's time to get back on the bus!
  14. Grab a Bottle Water (cause that's really important)
  15. Stop by a Hair & Beauty Salon and get tips hair and makeup for your special day...maybe get a makeover...maybe not...
  17. Head back to The Mercy Grace Center and enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by Minute Events Catering.