Choosing the right vendor is imperative for your wedding – find someone that you are comfortable with...don't always look at price, rather look at the reputation and value.



So, where to start? I would begin by asking friends and family (especially if they’ve been married recently) if they can recommend any suppliers as a personal recommendation is always preferable. 

They can also let you know if there are any companies you should steer clear of! Personal endorsements are likely to yield more local suppliers as well, which will save the cost of sourcing a national company who have to travel to you.

Magazines, blogs, wedding directories are all great sources too of course. Don’t just look at whoever is shouting the loudest and has the biggest ad – actually take the time to look at the kind of weddings they have worked on and what couples had to say about them.

You might not have thought of it, but social media is also an excellent tool for tracking down wedding suppliers. The wedding industry has a huge presence on Twitter and most wedding suppliers now have their own Facebook pages too, so you can find out more about them and interact with them virtually.

I always check out the ‘About Me’ page of a supplier’s website and have a look at their blogs to see what they’ve been working on most recently and to get a feel for their personality as well. It’s all very well if their work is amazing but you’re going to share a really important day with them, so ultimately I believe you want to get along with them.

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